Welcome to the Newcastle City Farmers and Craft Market

Welcome to the cyber home of the Newcastle City Farmers and Craft market which is held almost every Sunday at the Newcastle Show Ground, Broadmeadow.

For details about the next market on Jan 25, look here.

History: The Newcastle City Farmers Market was set up by Kevin Eade, who hails from farming stock from the north coast of NSW.
His market career started in 1999 with the Morpeth after which he started the Gosford Famers Market and the Honeysuckle markets.

For the past four years he has been providing a place for farmers and local artisans to sell their wares at the Broadmeadow Show Ground. Providing a link between growers and crafters and the general public. It is all part of his passion to help farmers survive, to encourage people to source their food locally and to help the environment by lowering the fuel usage and costs of transporting food half way around the country or the world.

There are more than 70 farmer producers at the market, selling everything from smoked meats to goats cheese, fresh herbs and spices and plenty of poultry, cakes, olives, oils, vegetables, freshly-picked fruit, meat and fresh seafood.

While most of the farmers come from the Hunter Valley area, some travel from as far as Canberra and the north coast of NSW as well as way out west.

The reason they come is that they get to cut out the middle man and therefore get a decent price for their produce, and as consumers, you know that the product is fresh, that it hasn't been sitting in a warehouse, and you get to talk to the producer about their product, how it is grown or harvested and the best way to enjoy cooking and eating it.

Another important part of the market is the range of local made arts and crafts. There are about 40 stalls featuring hand-made items, from silver and gold, through to pottery, furniture, origami, clothing for adults and children, handbags, and plenty of knitwear.

The non-food side of the market is organised by the Craft Committee which has more than 40 years of market experience between them. They have a Charter which they use to book and maintain stalls and they are always looking out for different and usual items to give the market more diversity.